A change of pace

I’ve really not managed to get into a good writing habit.
I’ve shaken off my summer panics, I’ve jumped into a comfortable new position and I’ve started feeling out a bit more of a routine in recent days.

But I am not interested in posting about anything that’s happened.
Which is new for me; I’m very much an experience-writer. I talk about things I’ve done and things I’ve seen, and that’s how I process whatever it is I’m thinking and feeling.

Not today though. And maybe not for a while.
I feel like I need to be in the present. To be honest, this summer felt quite traumatic for a while, and I think I might just keep it locked up in a little box in the back of my mind to revisit only when necessary, because it wasn’t nice.

Leaving students you’ve known for years: not nice.
Leaving friends you’ve made your family: not nice.
Leaving an amazing city in a beautiful continent: not nice.

So at least for a while, I’m going to try to keep this more of a snapshot of current-affairs.
Who knows if I’ll do any better, but at least it relieves the pressure of having to think back on the leaving-on-a-jet-plane lock-box.

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